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Bug Zapper Pro

Experience a Mosquito-Free Life with Livin' Well Bug Zapper - The Ultimate Indoor/Outdoor Solution with 4000V High Power and 1500 Sq Ft Range!

- Eco-Friendly: Unlike other mosquito killers that use harmful chemicals, the Livin’ Well Bug Zapper uses a 18W UVA bulb to attract mosquitoes and other flying insects, making it an eco-friendly option for pest control.
- Easy to Use: The Livin’ Well Bug Zapper is easy to use and requires no special skills or training. Simply plug it in and let it do its job. Additionally, it has a removable tray for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The Livin' Well Bug Zapper is the perfect solution to keep your home and outdoor spaces free from pesky mosquitoes and other flying insects. With its 4000V high powered electric grid, it can effectively zap and kill insects within a 1,500 sq ft range. The 18W UVA bulb attracts the insects towards the zapper, making it an effective mosquito trap. The bug zapper is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors, making it a versatile solution for all your insect problems. The black color and sleek design make it a stylish addition to your home or patio. Say goodbye to annoying mosquito bites and enjoy a bug-free environment with the Livin' Well Bug Zapper.